About Me

My love of photography began at eighteen while I was planning a trip to Europe. I bought a camera simply as a travel accessory - a way to share my trip. Because life seldom works out the way we plan, I ended up falling in love with photography and going to Europe several decades later.

The camera became my artistic tool of choice. In the same way painters capture a moment on canvas or a writer uses their pen to evoke emotion, film became my chosen medium for reflecting life and art.

Over the years I have lived in different parts of the country and each area has afforded me the opportunity to learn from local professionals. During my time in Chicago I had the priviledge of studying with the top Masters in the field. I learned an invaluable lesson from these leaders in photography world - If you're going to break a rule, break it well. Good photography isn't about

formulas and rules; it's about telling a story.

My photography career has taken me across the country and across the world. Though the subjects of my photos have varied from the poorest children in India to some of the rich and powerful in our country, one thing remains the same - everyone has a story that is unique to them. My goal is to help you tell your story.